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We Make a New Model of Lotus

Impressing Mandala Lotus Wall Art

We created a new model of Lotus wall art that was much different than the previous one. Although it takes inspiration from the older model, several differences make it a better option for several individuals.

What makes it unique from our previous Lotus wall art?

The previous lotus wall art has a very different theme and feels. It has multiple colors, adding a lot of vibrance, and the Lotus was not much prominent.

The new things we did this time.

A lot of new stuff makes this new model of the Lotus mandala much better than the previous one. Below are the main highlights you must know.

Bigger and more detailed Lotus

Comparing it with the old one, you will note that we have a much bigger lotus this time. The Lotus also makes the main attraction of this mandala wall art instead of the Om symbol like the previous one. In addition, the coloring scheme is also new this time, with the Lotus having the same color variations as the exterior design elements. Thus, it becomes more prominent.

Exterior shape

The exterior shape of this mandala is also a redesign from a previous one. The previous one is more of a circular design, while this one maintains the shape of a flower on all sides. Although the Lotus is enclosed in a circular pattern, the same does not happen with exterior petals giving it a more widespread appearance.

Petal structure

Another major difference this time is in the petal structure. The petals have more depth and visibility than the previous design. With multiple geometric patterns and tiny design elements, these petals get better visibility and perfectly complement the Lotus inside.

New Model of Lotus
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Lotus mandala wall art

Newer color schemes perfectly fit this time.

The lotus wall art looked amazing with the Christmas tree theme color. However, we wanted to try newer things. So, we maintained the basic design and the theme of varying layers, with one having a color and the other being white. To our surprise, different colors fit perfectly in this mandala wall art. The colors we tried included shades of:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • Move

So, with different colors looking brilliant with this mandala art, the new model of the Lotus Mandala looks even more attractive.

Decorate your place according to the event's theme with this new model of Lotus wall art.

Now you can also decorate your place with everything you want. So, select the right size and color to match your interior décor and leave the rest up to us.

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