Sometimes painting means time to relax..

Mandala painting

If you do what you love, your work can be time to relax. For us, it is painting as it soothes the mind and helps us relax during a hectic routine.

How does painting helps relax and brings other benefits?

Painting requires physical and mental focus, which takes your attention away from all other stressful things and problems. Meanwhile, we feel that our mind is relaxing as the only thing that requires attention while painting is the painting itself.

It is not only about the process, but when we see the final results, the feeling of achievement and the beauty of the final result stimulates happiness and creativity that helps to further relieve mental strain.

How our paintings are different from anyone else.

Our painting experiences are not like any other painting experience. We know the final product will be much more valuable than most regular paintings.

·      We start with custom patterns on wooden pallets.

Our paintings do not start on paper or canvas. Instead, we use the same wooden sheets for creating mandala wall art. So, these go through the CNC laser cutter. However, instead of cutting through the wood this time, the laser only creates the outlines for us to paint in. The wooden sheet, however, has an external pattern cut and engrave with the laser for extreme precision.

·      We use multiple types of paints.

We like to fill every painting with a touch of vibrance, so we use different types of paints and colors. The options we most frequently use include the following:

  • Paint markers
  • Watercolors
  • Custom-made paint shades.

That allows us to achieve the perfect shades every time, and the whole painting looks uniform.

·      Different color combinations bring out the vibrance one needs.

As the laser cutter creates guidelines for painting, we ensure that every level of the pattern gets different colors. In this way, each piece becomes unique from the other one. Additionally, we can pair up different colors to give off different energies.

For example, if wall art resembles the sun and its shades, it will strengthen anger, passion, persistence, and such values. Similarly, with darker and dimmer shades that resemble the moon or night, you can get calmness and patience.

·      Any of the final products can become wall art.

Once the paint job is done perfectly, any painting can be called art. These make good wooden gift ideas, interior home décor, and office decoration pieces. So, the painting process is very relaxing, and every time we look at the final results, it boosts creativity while reducing mental strain.

We can offer the same painting and relaxing experience for you.

We do not keep all the relaxing time to ourselves. Instead, we offer our paintings as wood wall art that you can hang at your place. Our wooden panels with CNC laser-driven guidelines are also available if you want to fill the painting yourself.

That way, you can relax as you paint it with your favorite colors. Not only that, but the final result will also be very soothing for your mind since looking at these geometric patterns with calming shades will help relieve strain and boost creativity.