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The Sun and the Moon: A Mesmerizing Wall Art.

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The Sun and the Moon: A Mesmerizing Wall Art.

It has been a great success for us that we have created this mesmerizing wooden mandala wall art. Apart from being an artistic piece, it contains a hidden meaning.

The significance of “The Sun and the Moon” wooden mandala

In the Lithuanian language, the Moon is masculine, and the Sun is feminine. According to folklore, Sun and Moon are married, with Moon as the husband and Sun as the wife.

Both Moon and Sun represent multiple values in different cultures. One thing common among all cultures is their polarity, where the Sun is a sign of power, strength, and firmness. Meanwhile, the Moon represents beauty, calmness, and nurturing. This pair between Moon and Sun creates a perfectly balanced pair. So, as we do…

How do we successfully create such mesmerizing wooden wall art?

Each wooden wall art comes towards us as a challenge, but this one was among the most difficult. It takes extreme precision to get exceptional final results. The whole creation takes multiple careful steps. Below is the breakdown of the wooden mandala-making process.

1.     Precision cutting with a laser.

The whole wall art is made with 8 layers of wood, and they all need to be perfectly cut. So, we use a CNC laser cutting machine that handles the precision. It takes hours to complete cutting all the layers of this wall art since each piece needs perfect finishing. We move to the painting phase after the machine cuts all the pieces.

2.     Coloring wooden mandala pieces

In this phase, all the layers of this wooden wall art are individually painted by hand. There are tiny holes and cuts, so we ensure to fill them up efficiently with paint. Hence, we use a small paintbrush to paint all layers of the Sun and Moon. This part of the process also takes a long time since every piece must be covered in paint efficiently. Similarly, we must let the paint dry for a premium polish finish.

3.     Gluing together

The last part is the most technical one. We move to the glue application process when all the layers are completely dry. We must ensure the correct amount of glue application. Additionally, the glue must be applied at the perfect spot so that we get strong adhesion and the glue does not seep out of the joint. After applying glue, we stick all layers together and hold them firmly with the help of clamps.

Wooden Sun and moon
Sun and Moon
Sun and Moon

Now the wall art only needs time to set and is ready to hang on the wall. When we hang it on the wall, it brings several benefits, including:

  • It makes the wall more attractive with its exquisite beauty.
  • Sun and Moon give the message of strength and calmness.
  • The 3D wooden mandala art looks unique.


Wall Art Sun and Moon

After going through the whole process of creating this wooden mandala wall art, the final result was beyond our expectations. The Sun and the Moon shine on the wall of our terrace.

Can’t make one yourself? Get yours here!

Not everyone has professional tools, especially laser cutting machines. So, if you want to decorate your place with exquisite pieces like this one, feel free to get yours here.

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