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Wooden Lotus Wall Art

Every mandala wall art is handmade with extreme precision, but there is something different about Lotus. It holds aesthetic beauty and much more than that, including spiritual values.

The significance of Lotus wood wall art

Lotus Mandala symbolizes enlightenment, rebirth, self-regeneration, and purity. It is special since it combines unique and attractive mandala wood wall art with the Om Symbol. It is known as the sound of our Universe. Apart from its spiritual values, it contains 8 layers of woodwork, giving it a 3D design with depth that adds a lot to any interior.

Who do we make Lotus wood wall art for?

It is no less than a proud moment for us that this Mandala Lotus works in multiple applications. Technically anyone who aspires to the Om symbol and Art can have it. However, some of the best applications for this woodwork include the following:


Office décor is much different than other types of décor. Here you need something subtle and attractive. The combination of Om symbol's spirituality and Art brings self-regeneration. With its different sizes available, any office can get the perfect wall art with a touch of vibrance and subtlety.


A Mandala Lotus can be a perfect centerpiece on the main wall due to its 3D looks and artistic design. The variety of colors in it adds vibrance to any home environment, and it blends in so well with almost every interior.


Lotus Mandala with the Om symbol will be a rejuvenating gift for someone going through a harsh phase of life. It will also make a great decoration wood wall art gift for almost anyone, including males and females of most age groups.

Healthcare applications

Its soothing effects, including purity and enlightenment, can be a perfect wall art for yoga studios, psychotherapy rooms, etc. In addition to environments where people go for spiritual well-being, the positive effects of treatment will be much better. The same is the case with Chakras of different types also available in our store.

Lotus Wall Art

The biggest success in making this wood wall art is precision.

If you closely look at the Lotus Mandala, you will note that most layers have mere outlines of the lotus petals and nothing more. Similarly, moving toward the mandala's center, you will find fine geometric patterns in layers. To maintain the artistic value of this wood wall art, it is essential to achieve precision when aligning it.

With practice on multiple units and trying several aligning techniques, we have been able to get perfect alignment for every mandala. This piece of Art maintains its uniform, attractive touch due to perfect alignment. That is the success we have achieved with this wood wall art.

Specify your requirements and get yours made now.

We believe that every home and office must have an attractive décor with some spiritual value. That's how it can help aspire on a personal level. The Lotus Mandala helps achieve that very easily. As it is available in 2 different size options, all you need to do is specify your size requirements and leave the rest up to us.

Lotus Wall Art

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