How Root Chakra Mandala Was Created

Muladhara Root Chakra Mandala

It was our very first chakra mandala creation. With colors having a vital importance in the looks of the chakra mandala, we ensure to give the best combination with every layer of the wooden mandala.

The thought process behind creating Root Chakra Mandala

The colors in the chakra represent certain energies and positiveness. So, it is important to add warm colors to stimulate warmth and strength. The color of the root chakra mandala is red, but it is usually a sign of danger. Our first idea was to use classic and dark red colors to create the Root Muladhara mandala. However, the combination was very heavy. Mixing white color to create a pinkish shade and combining it with red with a good solution.

Root Chakra Mandala
Root Chakra Mandala

Significance of the red color

The basic red color is bright and gives off a warning, while the root chakra is responsible for survival. The red hue here assists you in refocusing your attention. Our selection of colors for the root chakra mandala shows anger and positivity.

The main red color shows you anger management while the hue channels it with positivity, strength, power, passion, and bravery. So, the color scheme of this mandala gives off vibes of self-awareness. With the significance of the red color, decorating your place can channel self-awareness and control in your body.

Our secret to successfully achieving such mesmerizing results.

The reason behind such success in achieving mesmerizing results is that we pay attention to every little detail.

Precision cutting with laser technology.

Cutting thin layers of wood with such accuracy and perfection is impossible. So, we leave this job for the laser technology that cuts every piece. That's how we achieve extreme precision with every layer of the mandala. It also makes the final results much better than before.

Root Chakra Mandala

Hand painting with attention to detail

We choose to paint every layer individually with our hands. We believe a small paintbrush can achieve better perfection and finishing than spray painting the Root Chakra Mandala. It also lets us pay attention to the smallest details in the mandala.

Perfect adhesion

We let the paint dry adequately and then we adhere all layers together with the perfect amount of glue. Then we carefully secure the layers for clamps until the glue dries. Maintaining precision while applying glue is important, and it is also the most complex part of this process.

What benefits can root chakra mandala bring you?

The red Root Chakra Mandala brings multiple aesthetic benefits along with some for your soul, including:

  • It works as a great wall art for multiple locations in your place.
  • The red color gives you more control over your body as it makes you aware and helps maintain focus.
  • The combination of red and pink hue combines aggression and calmness in one package.

So, this wooden mandala can bring anger in you and help you manage it by maintaining focus. Hence, it helps in your progressive growth.

Root Chakra Mandala
Root Chakra Mandala

Decorate your interior with positive energy.

The Root Chakra looks unique because of its 3D design. Thus, it helps decorate your home with exquisite art. You can do that too, but if you don't find it easy to achieve the same results as ours, you can order yours now!

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