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Multilayer 3D Wall Clock

The Mandala wall art clock comes in various mesmerizing colors with spectacular beauty. It works as a perfect decorative gift item.

The classic multilayer clock comes in several colors and shades of every color. Thus, you can choose one that matches your interior the best.

Challenges we faced while producing this mesmerizing mandala wall art clock.

Designing the mandala wall art clock was a huge milestone for us, like many other projects. However, the technical part was even more challenging. We needed to align everything perfectly among the layers so the watch had a great 3D appearance.

Selecting the right color scheme

This mesmerizing clock has multiple layers. We paint each layer with a different shade to create a gradient-like combination of colors. After experimenting with different colors and gradient combinations, we found that varying between light and dark with a white background works the best. It not only makes the clock look beautiful in itself but also looks amazing on the wall. Find out how we chose the colors for Root Chakra Mandala.

Brown Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Choosing font style for numeric on the clock.

The basic fonts, and even the roman ones, were not looking great on the mandala wall art clock. These were not combined with the overall theme of the mandala. We were amazed at how non-conventional fonts worked out on this mesmerizing clock. The stylish fonts change this clock's appearance as they blend well with the mandala theme.

The best applications for the wall mandala clock

Every home has a traditional clock with glass on the front and a square or circular structure. It is an exclusive mandala wall art clock that has 9 layers. So it gives a unique 3D look. Some of its best applications include.

Condimentum enim

Wall Decor

Gift for your loved ones

If you want a unique gift for a loved one, try giving them this wall mandala clock. This wall clock's elegant and inspirational design will become an attraction on their wall, making it a unique gift item.

A perfect choice for your office

The wall mandala clock has a high-precision silent mechanism inside. So, it not only adds to the beauty of your office but also helps you focus more on the work. Meanwhile, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the office décor.

Decorative clock for homes

Due to its availability in various colors, it can perfectly match every interior. Contact us to make a clock with your desired color scheme and designs. With our hand-painting expertise and precision laser cutting, we ensure that every piece is timeless.

Additionally, with every layer glued down with perfect alignment and no pieces out of line, the clock gives off a premium look.

Find out more about Classic Multilayer 3D Wall clocks like this one.

We are passionate about working on timeless pieces like this multilayer clock. Many other projects, like the 3D elephant and Mandala art, may intrigue you. We take our passion as a business and provide our expertise to our customers through these exceptional pieces.

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