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Minimalist 3D Classic Elephant Wooden Art

3D Elephant Wooden Wall Mandala

When it is about decorating your interior uniquely, this 3D elephant wooden art leaves no room for disappointment.

The minimalist 3D elephant wall mandala is exquisitely hand-made, every layer of it. After hours of hard work, it is none less than a huge goal for us that we have been successful in.

What’s so special about the classic elephant wooden art?

Wall mandala 3D elephant wooden art is not like any other wall decor. From design to production, we have put everything into it to create a premium piece. So, it goes on any wall, making it 10 times more attractive.

10 layers give an immersive 3D design.

The elephant wall mandala comes with 10 layers not designed in a sloping manner. Instead of making the uppermost layer the least populated and the last layer the most populated, we have made it uniquely.

Unlike any other Mandala like Root Chakra, the 3D elephant gets every layer in a different design. So, instead of a regular depth impression, it gives a more attractive depth on different parts.

Classic Elephant Wooden Art
3D Elephant Wooden Wall Art
Classic Elephant Wooden Art

You can get it with natural wood color.

Custom coloring gives this elephant a vibrant finish. Some people want to stick to the natural wood finish. So, we provide a natural wood finish instead of forcefully coloring this premium wooden art.

Of course, it is covered under a transparent protective layer so that the quality and finish do not degrade after time. The natural wood color makes it timeless. Thus, it perfectly integrates with any environment.

Exceptional attention to detail due to precision cutting.

A huge challenge in making such a detailed wooden art wall mandala is getting precision. We believe it is not humanly possible with such efficiency. We have laser-cutting equipment that ensures all edges are perfectly aligned. All layers align perfectly due to precision cutting, allowing us to add more detail to every little aspect of the 3D elephant.

Perfect for anyone, any place.

Our wooden mandala clock makes a timeless addition to any environment. The same is the case with our 3D elephant mandala. You may buy it for your office or home or gift it to someone. We recommend you get colors if you are getting it for home. Although the natural wood finish works well for office environments, it is also good for home décor.

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